Conference Program


The University of California, Merced

World Cultures Graduate Students


The Center for Humanities at

Present the Second Annual World Cultures Graduate Student Conference


Art and Visual Culture in History, Literature, and Society

April 18, 2014

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

COB 113


April 19, 2014

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

SSM 104

Our Keynote Speaker is Associate Professor Rachel N. Klein from the University of California at San Diego, who will be giving the Keynote Address at 6:30pm, downtown at the Merced Theatre in conjunction with the Merced Art Hop.  Her presentation is titled
 “The Metropolitan Museum on Trial: Cypriot Antiquities and the Transformation of Culture in the Late Nineteenth Century United States”
Friday, April 18th
COB 113
1:00         Welcome (Patrick Wilkinson)
1:10         Lauren Phillips
                  Mapping the Underworld: Innovations in Cave Mapping at Las Cuevas Using GIS.
1:30         Erin Ray
                  Offerings to the Underworld: Bloodletting Iconography of the Maya.
1:50         Nick Bourgeois
                  The Visual Saliency of Cave Formations.
2:10                                             Break
2:20         Pedro Carvajal
                  Lasers in the Jungle: Ground Truthing Settlements around Las Cuevas.
2:40         Marieka Arksey
                  Redefining the Boundaries of Ancient Maya Cave Rituals
3:00         Paula Di Giuseppantonio.
                  Experiencing Ancient Artifacts.
3:20         Discussant Holley Moyes
3:50         Closing
Saturday, April 19th
SSM 104
8:00         Welcome (Patrick Wilkinson)
8:05         Opening addresses by Susan Amussen and Ruth Mostern
8:15         Gloria G. Duran
                  Antes Y Despues De La  Spanish Revolution: De La Tabacalera Al Sol.
8:35         Alicia Ramos Jordan
                  Miriam Bornstein: La Lengua Materna Como Revolución Literaria Y Política.
8:55         Roselia Ekhause
                  Revisión de la tradición orientalista presente en la pintura de los siglos XIX y XX en la novela Femmes d´Argel dans leur appartement.
9:15         Mabel Bowser
                  Videos Indígenas Para Afirmar Identidad Y Cruzar Fronteras.
9:35         Discussant Virginia Adán-Lifante  
9:55                                             Break
10:10       Jasmine Armstrong
                  The Endless Re-Imaging and Imagining of Rosie the Riveter: AVisual Text’s Fetishized Afterlife.
10:30       Ed Lanfranco
                  Manhua: A visual Analysis of Chinese Propaganda Humor During the late 1950’s.
10:50       Trevor Jackson
                  Transformations of Life into Art: Hegel’s Aesthetics and the Horizons of Possibility
11:10       Beth Hernandez-Jason
                  El Paso & Andalucia: John Rechy’s Hispanic Literary Heritage
11:30       Discussant   
11:50                                           Lunch
1:00         Amrit Deol
                  “Iconoclastically break your fag perceptions:” Performances of Alternative Masculinities in Desi Hip Hop.
1:20         Neama Alamri
                  Killing Brown Men in Zero Dark Thirty: Remembering the death of Osama bin Laden and Imagining a Feminist United States.
1:40         Patrick Wilkinson
                  The Fiction of Haitian Vodou.
2:00         Rhea Riegel
                  Robin Goodfellow and Moll Cutpurse: Trickster Figures in Early Modern English Literature.
2:20         Discussant Professor Torres-Rouf
2:40                                             Break
2:55         Doris Perez
                  Saving Place: Social Memory and the Fresno Fulton Mall.
3:15         Karen Deeming
                  Cyber Babies: Adoption in the Age of Technology
3:35         Shannon Acevedo
                  Novel Cultures; Or, Nature and Culture Within Our Texts: And Exploration of Material Culture, environment, and Structure in Three American Novels of Survival and Solitude
3:55         Catherine Portillo-Silva
4:15         Discussant
4:35         Closing
6:30         Keynote Address
                Merced Theatre
                Professor Rachel N. Klein
The Metropolitan Museum on Trial: Cypriot Antiquities and the Transformation of Culture in the Late Nineteenth Century United States”